Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alan Moore's Green Lantern annual #3

Ever since reading my first Moore story back in 1985 (Swamp Thing #40) I've been a Moore fanatic picking up everything with his name on it. When he left DC it was a hit or miss thing but in the early days everything he wrote was head over heals above any other comic, it was MAGIC! One of my favorite of his (and I had many) was his Green Lantern annual #3 that he did with Fables and the Elementals, Bill Willingham.


So that was it! I just love how Moore took something so simple like the very concept of the Green Lantern and came up with an ingenious story out of it. It blew me away at the time. No one else was writing this clever, and I think it's a rare writer who does even these days with all the super stars around.
Though he is not the most popular personalities these days and considered crazy by many,  Alan Moore is still my unchallenged favorite writer!

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  1. I'm trying to buy a hard copy, but no one seems to sell it. I anyone knows where I can buy one, it would be most appreciated.