Friday, March 4, 2011

Move over men of Marvel! Make way for The women of the DCU!

When I think of strong male characters, I think of Marvel, but when I think of strong female characters I think DCU. I know this is subjective as much has been made of the X-Women, but personally speaking, I love the women of the DCU!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review of Jay Piscopo's Sea Ghost #1!

Jay Piscopo is the man! I've been seeing Jay Piscopo's fantastic creations on Facebook for a few years now.
He is the kind of friend you want to have on Facebook! It seems like every day Jay is posting new and incredible drawings of the most interesting super heroes that you've ever seen! Jay has an incredibly inventive mind and prolific output. You can see more of his output on his  his Facebook page -

Jay's done a number of books from the Cap'n Eli universe. I got to see Sea Ghost, a 30 page, full color one-shot. It's a great book!