Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adventures of Deadman in the National Lampoon!

Ever since I read reprints of the Adams Deadman series I’ve been a passionate fan of all things Deadman. So one day while searching for Deadman related comics I found a crazy fun comic on E-Bay. It was a magazine size comic with the title “The Adventures of Deadman”. Well the character on the cover had a cape like Deadman but no mask. I didn’t know what it was but I knew had to have it!

This oddity was an insert in National Lampoon magazine drawn by none other than Mr. Deadman himself, Neal Adams and his ever faithful side kick, Dick Giordano! It featured a screwed up version of the whole Deadman concept. “What if our Deadman was a real dead man!”

It starts off, “Dissolute playboy, Hamster Tollhouse Cookie La Brea IV, heir to vast tar-pit fortune, speeds along a mountainous California road in his custom-made Giotto Chiarioscuro G. T.”

A mad scientist finds his body and preserves it.

Meanwhile Hamster’s son Delmar is told that he must restore his father’s good name in order to see any of the millions of dollars.

So he starts a campaign using his father’s dead body to fight crime and thus bring honor to his father’s name.

It’s a really silly comic but I really dig that it was drawn by Adams and place it proudly next to the other Deadman comics in my collection.