Monday, December 23, 2013

Somnopolis by Gilbert "Beto" Hernandez

When the Hernandez brothers were still young in the industry they got a gig on a new independent title called Mister X published by William Marks' Vortex Comics.
One fun thing about the Hernandez bros. work of this time is that characters from their other comics would often make appearances like the appearance of Errata Stigmata in the first panel in front of the robot.

They had hoped to be able to make a living of creating comics. Unfortunately they wouldn't do it on Mister X. After the two of them created 4 issues worth of material, they had not received any payment for all the work they had done till that time. From one point of view it's really unfortunate because their work on the comic is really great, on the other hand, if they had stayed on Mister X who knows what would have happened to their own title, Love and Rockets.Tthey might not have had time to create all the amazing work they did in there. In any case, as a result of Bill Marks and Mister X we do have some cool work from Gilbert in issue #2 of Mister X, Aug 1984.

This comic was written by Gilbert and Jaime's older brother and sometimes (rare) collaborator, Mario. The three of them started Love and Rockets but Mario hasn't been very active producing comics, only contributing a handful of work over the years.

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