Friday, April 25, 2014

Basil Wolverton's "The Man On The Moon"

I've still got more cool robot comics to share with you. this time it's Basil Wolverton's "The Man On The Moon". This Wolverton classic has that great 50's EC Comics feel about it with the cool robot and the surprise ending.

This comic originally appeared in Weird Tales of the Future #5, January 1953. Cover art by Basil Wolverton.
In his Mr. Monster's Super Duper Special #8 Michael T. Gilbert wrote that this short lived series was a joint publishing venture of Basil Wolverton and some other investors who put up their own money to publish it. The series sports numerous classic stories of Wolverton's and many great covers as well. Though it seems that the publishing venture was ultimately a failure because the series only lasted 8 issues before going under.

Continuing with the robot theme I've been doing, this is Basil Wolverton's robot strip. In it he has a man who is gradually changed into a cyborg or half man, half machine. This comic also uses the theme of Armageddon which was kind of common in the atomic bomb era 50's. He eventually continued this theme in his illustrations for the Bible where he showed in graphic detail the destruction of the Earth.

Check out his Bible illustrations in
 the Wolverton bible.

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