Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving with Ant Man!

Turkey dinner takes on a whole new meaning when you are only 1 inch tall!

The incomparable Sandy Plunkett drew this story for Marvel Comics Presents #131, Late June 1993.
“I have been called, within the comic-book world, ‘an artist’s artist', which I think is something like telling your 16-year-old daughter that she has ‘inner beauty's." Sandy Plunkett says in an article on his art book, “The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist".

You may have never heard of Sandy Plunkett but once you've seen his exquisite work, you won't soon forget it. Sandy Plunkett was drawing comics since the mid 70's but was most active in Marvel Comics of the late 80's and early 90's. I never read much about him. Mostly I just saw his work occasionally appear in a Marvel publication. This is probably because his very intricate, Frazetta-esque style is very time consuming to do an could never work in on a monthly deadline. It's a same because his work is so stunning. Thank god for the anthology Marvel Fanfare and Marvel Comics Presents for the little work that we do have by him. 


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