Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy 57th birthday Bill Sienkiewicz!

Bill Sienkiewicz 
(pronounced sin-KEV-itch)
born May 3, 1958

Bill with some of his work.

On Bill's birthday I'd like to share some of my favorite images of his work.

Bill's first big series was Moon Knight of which he did 30+ issues. This is where he developed his unique style.

His next project was the movie adaption of Dune where he really showed off his style in a grand way.

He then got the gig of illustrating the New Mutants starting with #18, the Demon Bear Saga.

At this point he was a superstar and a much in demand cover artists. He collaborated with Frank Miller on the satire, Elektra Assassin.

And also with Frank Miller, Daredevil: Love and War.

He then did 6 issues of a new version of the Shadow.

Sienkiewicz next project was a solo work, Stray Toasters, about a serial killer, an orphan and the devil vacationing in New York.

Sienkiewicz has given us so much inspired art over the years and pushed comics for mature readers into new places.

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