Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy 74th Birthday Neal Adams!

Neal Adams
born June 6, 1941
is Mr. 70's. He was the most significant creator of the 70's
 virtually representing the whole of that Bronze Age of comics.
Neal Adams with some of the most popular characters that he worked on like Batman, the Spectre, Green Arrow, and Deadman

Neal Adams showed his incredible skill from his very first story in Creepy Magazine.

Creepy #14, April 1967
He would take over the drawing duties from Carmine Infantino on the Deadman strip from Strange Adventures and eventually even write it.
Strange Adventures #207, Nov 1967
Here he would experiment with the form of comics, playing with page layout and ways of making comics.
Here Neal draws a very unconventional page layout, having them bleed over to the next page from Strange Adventures 214, Sep 1968.

He brought a whole new sensibility to comics of the time.
When  you compare his work to that of the popular artists of the time, he was bringing something wholly original to his work.
He experimented heavily.
He would stretch what was possible with comics.
Spectre #2,

He soon became DC's signature artist using him on their most popular comics like Batman.

Here is a great interview with Neal Adams. It starts at 7:00

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