Monday, October 27, 2014

Zippy the Pinhead

Zippy the Pinhead burst onto the comics scene in the Underground comic Real Pulp #1, March 1971. Zippy is not just a comic; it's an experience; a way of thinking and interacting with the world.

Zippy, based on the freak show performer Zip the Pinhead, is a free spirited, free thinking simpleton who gets himself in and out of all kinds of crazy trouble.
He started off as a character that often appeared in Underground Comix of the 70's but in 1985 graduated into a full syndicated strip and has been entertaining and confusing people ever since with his non-sequester Zippy-isms like "Are we having fun yet?"

Bill Griffith talked about the creation of Zippy, "I first saw the 1932 Tod Browning film Freaks in 1963 at a screening at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where I was attending art school. I was fascinated by the pinheads in the introductory scene and asked the projectionist (who I knew) if he could slow down the film so I could hear what they were saying better. He did and I loved the poetic, random dialog. Little did I know that Zippy was being planted in my fevered brain. Later, in San Francisco in 1970, I was asked to contribute a few pages to Real Pulp Comics #1, edited by cartoonist Roger Brand. His only guideline was to say "Maybe do some kind of love story, but with really weird people." I never imagined I'd still be putting words into Zippy's fast-moving mouth some 38 years later."

Check out Zippy in "A Fool's Paradise Revisited" from Arcade #3, Fall 1975 with the gracious permission of Bill Griffith.

for all Zippy books and Pinhead paraphernalia check out Zippy the Pinhead.com

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