Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy 106th birthday Basil Wolverton!

the mad genius of
Basil Wolverton 
(July 9, 1909 – December 31, 1978)
was one of the most original and greatest of the Golden Age comic creators most famous for his weird horror stories of the 50's.

Here Basil is with some of his comics. 

He got his start in comics drawing superhero stuff like Rockman and Spacehawk for magazines like Timely's USA.

He also worked on a lot of humor comics like Powerhouse Pepper and Mystic Moot and his Magic Snoot.

Wolverton loved such techniques as rhymes and silly signs and often used them in his humor strips such as here in his Piston Pete the Hotel Clerk.

what he is most remembered for is his horror comics from the 50's such as his Brain-Bats of Venus, Nightmare World and the Man Who Never Smiled.

There is a dream-like (nightmare-like) quality about his work. He has a way of tapping your dreams and putting it on paper. His stories take place in a stark world of strange plants and creatures.

Basil Wolverton's Bible illustrations

A great bio of Basil Wolverton

Basil Wolverton's Swamp Monster!

Basil Wolverton's Powerhouse Pepper in "Who'll Guard the Bodyguard"

Basil Wolverton's Robot Woman

Basil Wolverton's They Crawl by Night

Basil Wolverton's Nightmare World

Basil Wolverton's Eye of Doom

Basil Wolverton's Spacehawk and the Battling Bullet Ships

The Man Who Never Smiled

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