Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review - The People that Melt in the Rain!

Way back in the beginning of 2009 I joined this web comic site, Smack Jeeves. I was checking out all the comics they were hosting. One comic really stood out from the rest. It was called the People that Melt in the Rain.
The People That Melt in the Rain on Smack jeeves

As you can see from the picture, the art is beautiful! They have a real fantasy quality. The drawings are the kind of place you would want to visit or live in. The colors are especially captivating. The web comic was created by a husband wife team, Mike Dubisch on the art, Carolyn Watson Dubisch doing the story and the colors! I would find out much later that this couple met at the School of Visual Arts, and Mike has been doing illustrations for various role playing companies for years now. Well that explains the beautiful art!

I was a fan. So when I saw that they entered The Small Idol Press contest, I was thrilled! And yesterday I got my copy of the result of that contest, my issue of The People that Melt in the Rain #0.

It seems that this story continues to expand on the world that Carolyn is creating! This 12 page installment is about the weather man of the cursed town of Deluge. Jason Waterson is a scientist who looks for ways to predict the cursed rain of the town of Deluge that mystically burns people.

Another new character to the PTMINR universe is Jason's sister Jana Waterson, a victim of the rain, of which she wears the scars on her face, and an explorer who looks for ways to lift the curse of Deluge that won't allow anyone to enter or leave the town.

We get more pieces of the puzzle that is the People That Melt in the Rain universe!
Until now there have been 81 pages of story posted on Smack Jeeves and they are still introducing MORE characters and elements! Let me tell you folks, THIS ONES AN EPIC!
I just love watching Carolyn's mind run wild in this world that she has created! She treats them with such care and respect you just got to love it! Her imagination, unlike the town of Deluge, seems to not have any boundaries! Thank goodness for us!
Long live The People That Melt in the Rain!
And while your at it, pick up your copy of PTMITR #0 here
the People that Melt in the Rain #0 at Dime Store Press!

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  1. Thanks so much Thomas! I'm thrilled to hear you've been following this project for so long. BTW, people can also now order the #0 issue directly from us! Just write me here on blogger, or email dubischny@aol.com or cwatsond@aol.com for more info. Thanks again!!!