Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Catwoman fast became my favorite superheroine after Brubaker and Cooke started the new series in 2002.

I just love her attitude and confidence. She's no longer the sex kitten, dressed in slinky costumes showing off her insecurities, now she is the fun loving cat who doesn't play it up for no man!
And the art doesn't hurt any! Check out this spectacular cover by Cameron Stewart! He's got such a great playful style and the coloring is just fantastic!
Here is an awesome page by Darwyn Cooke!
Another great Catwoman artist is Mazzucchelli! He drew Batman for 4 issues in his and Frank Miller's Batman Year One. It's still considered by many to be one of the best Batman stories ever made, and that's in no small part to Mazzucchelli and Lewis (colors).
I found a blog with some cool sketches of Mazzucchelli's Catwoman, along with some cool Batman sketches!
Mystery comics blog
Check it out!

And here are some Batman by Mazzucchelli!
The other Catwoman that I really like is Bruce Timm's Catwoman from Batman the animated series!
Boy Bruce Timm sure knows how to get the most out of his figures! She's oh so sexy, oh so strong and oh so mysterious! All this and he still manages playful and childlike! Now that's an artist!

Check out the expressive action in this one!
That's all for now!
Thanks guys! Enjoy!

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