Friday, March 4, 2011

Move over men of Marvel! Make way for The women of the DCU!

When I think of strong male characters, I think of Marvel, but when I think of strong female characters I think DCU. I know this is subjective as much has been made of the X-Women, but personally speaking, I love the women of the DCU!

When I think of strong male characters I'm not only thinking of physically like Wolverine and the Punisher but also morally strong characters like Captain America! And very strong personalities like the down-on-his-luck everyman/superhero Peter Parker/Spider-Man.
But when I think of strong female characters I think don't think of the personality-less Storm or the cardboard "Suga" Rogue, I think of the richly complex Cat Woman!

 Selina Kyle aka Cat Woman is everything I fantasized about girls as a teenager. Firstly she is funny and fun-loving. She seems to be up for any kind of shenanigans as long as it's fun. Secondly she is irreverent and rebellious. She's not one to be the good girl! She is a strait shooter not afraid to call bull-shit when she sees it, and more than willing to put someone (especially men) in their place when they get too big for their britches. And this independence and fiery spirit makes her sexy as hell!
Or the ultra cute/sexy Harley Quinn!
 You take great joy in her energy, love of life, and never say die attitude! The ultimate gangsters moll. We don't quite understand what she sees in the Joker or why she would put up with his shit but we love her and all her wacky irreverence anyway!

Or the bigger-than-life yet down-to-Earth Power Girl!

More than any other women hero, Power Girl is the epitome of the time she was created, during the feminist revolution of the 70's. She is 100% woman and 100% independent! Down to Earth and yet, soft and vulnerable, but not enough to take any guff from male chauvinists like Wildcat!

Sure Marvel has their She-Hulk Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, but give me the DCU dames any day!!!

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