Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Avengers nemisis - The masters of Evil!

I have been an Avengers fan for as long as I have been a comic fan. One of my very first comics was an Avengers and it still remains a favorite even today. And of the all of the Avengers killer foes, the one that has been the most challenging, the most diabolical, the most deliciously menacing to me has been The Masters Of Evil! They keep popping up giving the Avengers a run for their money!

One thing that makes the Masters of Evil so menacing to the Avengers is that they are so evenly matched against the Avengers being made up of each of their individual enemies! The chief among these and creator and found of the group is Baron Zemo, Captain America's arch rival and the killer of his war-time partner Bucky Barns! Still having a hard on for Cap after all these years, Zemo decides to put together a team made up  of each Avengers greatest foes; Thor's toxic opponent, the Radioactive Man; Iron Man's exasperating foe, the Melter; and Giant Man and the Wasp's idiosyncratic villain Black Knight!

This wasn't enough for writer Stan Lee, later he added the Asgardian villains, The Enchantress and the Executioner.

And still later they actually create a new villain, Wonderman, to infiltrate the Avengers and betray them, but in the end were themselves betrayed by Wondy.

But all this was to end with issue 15 with the demise of Baron Zemo!

This was the end of the 1st incarnation of the Master of Evil but they have been recreated in different more devious and dangers incarnations!

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