Saturday, June 25, 2011

My first comic, part 2! Star Wars 7 - 9!

All month I've been posting on Facebook's "30 Day Comic Book Challenge". I thought I should present my posts here for your amusement.
Day 1 - Your first comic book - It's hard to say what the first comic book that I bought was because I don't remember how I got many of the comics that I owned as a kid but the first comic I remember buying and reading was a plastic wrapped 3-pack I got at my local hobby shop (remember hobby shops?) . It was of Star Wars 7-9!

These were the first Star Wars comics after the original movie adaption finished. They were put out in January through March of 1978. I probably got them because I got anything about Star Wars at that time. Like all kids of that age in 1978 I was fascinated by everything Star Wars and got all the toys I could.
My 9 year old self even worked, (yes I said WORKED) to save up money enough to buy the Darth Vader tie fighter toy (with laser sound effects!)

These comics are actually the first things I ever read in there entirety. I remember sitting on my couch looking at the pictures. They were so enticing I just had to know what they said. I read through them and actually found it much easier to read them than I thought I would because up until that time reading was such a chore it made my head hurt. I was so proud of myself I went to my fourth grade English teacher the next day and announced my accomplishment to her. She was unimpressed to say the least. With that kind of encouragement, it's no wonder I found school so enriching!
As thrilled as I was with these issues they were more than a little corny. First of all, they featured a 6 foot green rabbit named Jaxxon! Even my 9 year old self thought that was a little strange! But after jaxxon, a giant porcupine that shot quills and an old geezer in armor named Don-Won Kioti was much easier to swallow.

Looking back it's surprising to see who the creators were on this goofy issue! Roy Thomas writing, Howard Chakin, Alan Kuperburg and Tom Palmer on art! These guys are some of the greats of the day. How can such legends create such goofy stuff?!? Were their hearts in it? As strange as these issues were, it worked for me! Like I said, I was sold.


  1. Great article!! And I was right there with you. Marvel's Star Wars was my "gateway drug" into collecting comic books, a habit I continue to have to this very day.

    Incidentally, you can hear me and my best pal discuss our love of these great Marvel Star Wars stories on the first Monday of every month at www.twotruefreaks.libsyn.com where we are covering, issue by issue, this often-maligned, yet much-loved (by us!) series. I hope you'll check us out -- and we'd love to have you as a guest!

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