Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey! A Jim Steranko effect! The hallucinatory effect on comics!

"Hey! A Jim Steranko effect!" Neal Adams formed the words using the mist lines radiating from the pit in his Deadman series.

I'm not sure what Adams was referring to because I don't remember Steranko ever spelling things out using visual effects, but he did do some pretty crazy/cool stuff in his day!

Here Steranko seamlessly incorporates a hallucination scene into his Captain America run. This is pretty unusual stuff for a superhero comic!
Adams may have been impressed enough to do his own experimentation in his Deadman run.

Here Adams takes a very different approach from Steranko's Dali inspired pages when he illustrates the moment that Deadman finally meets his benefactor Rama Kushna.

But the forerunner to all the psychedelic guys had to have been "the sultan of the supernatural", Steve Ditko on his Dr. Strange run in Marvel's Strange Tales.

This is one of the more elaborate other-dimensional scenes from Doctor Strange's appearances in Strange Tales #133, 1965, by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.
Another interesting example of his other-dimensional scenes is in Strange Tales #135, where he meets the fondly remembered god-like entity, Eternity.

These are some pretty crazy/groovy hallucination scenes made by some of the most innovative comic artists of that era. I'm sure there are many more examples by different artist that I'm not aware of. If anyone can think of any others I'd love to hear them. leave a comment below. Maybe we can come up with another post with the suggestions.

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