Saturday, June 8, 2013

Girl Stories By Lauren R. Weinstein

 Moving young teen stories for all ages!

I had bought Girl Stories because I saw some excerpts of it in various anthologies and really liked what I saw. Lauren R. Weinstein’s art has a wonderful naive quality that looks like a kid drew it.

Though naive they are totally kinetic and so expressive that they suck you in to these really cool stories of what it is to be a young teen learning about popularity and boys for the first time. 

Though apparently immature, the art is upon closer examination is wonderfully crafted with a freedom of line and expressiveness that perfectly compliments the telling of these young and energetic stories. 

What attracted me to Lauren's pictoral stories is this energy and life she conveys with her simple, rustic art style. In addition to her energetic line she uses a primitive pallet that equally services her stories.

The stories were originally intended for young teens but they have a frankness and are told on such a personal level that anyone at any age can really relate to them and feel for the protagonist which just happens to be Lauren herself.

They usually revolve around that time when girls are just giving up their childish dolls for boys and a time when fitting in is paramount and make-up and clothes take on more importance.

These are such wonderful memoirs that I'd highly recommend this to any lover of memoirs and they’re told with such lively pictures and with such a unique style I'd highly recommend this to any lovers of sequential art.

You can see more of Girl Stories at Girlstories.com .

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