Friday, October 18, 2013

Bill Sienkiewicz' "Kull The Conqueror"

Bill Sienkiewicz made a name for himself in the early 80's as a very good Neal Adams imitator on Moon Knight. While there he dazzled people with his artistic chops churning out some breathtaking covers and interiors. He was so good at doing covers that after this stint he floated around a bit doing just covers of almost every other comic Marvel put out. During this time between Moon Knight and his next big gig on The New Mutants, he managed an 11 page story in 1984's Kull The Conqueror #4. This is my favorite time of Bill Sienkiewicz career. He was just flowering, creating his own unique style. You can still see some of Neal's influence in some of his faces and figures,
Moon Knight #, 11/80, shows off Bill's Neal Adams influence.

Though his own unique style can be seen butting through on other pages.
At this point Bill is showing his mastery of space, creating sweeping landscapes that are so strong they travel between panels. Also his great inked lines that are so masterful he shows them off as an integral part of his work.
So here is Bill Sienkiewicz on Alan Zelenetz' Kull the Conqueror tale "Kutholos' Tale".

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