Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Basil Wolverton's 'The Eye of Doom!'

In honor of Halloween let's look at one of comicdom's master of the macabre - Basil Wolverton!

I'm not a big horror fan but there's something totally compelling about Basil Wolverton's work. The first thing that really strikes me about it is the art. He’s got a style that has a precision and detail that most reminds me of a wood block style.

His work totally looks etched into the page with it’s incredible detail. There are no free or loose lines. Everything is incredibly precise and intentional. I love to just stare at a panel, and even think about blowing one up and putting it on my wall, it’s that good. 

The other thing about Basil Wolverton’s work is that the subjects he writes about are so otherworldly and yet oddly familiar, like something that I’ve seen in a dream. He always manages to find themes or images that strike me right where I least expect it but totally can relate to. 

Just look at any of his work; “The Brain-Bats of Venus” for example. It’s a preposterous idea and yet oddly familiar and relateable. I don’t even need to know the outcome of the story, the concept is so juicy as it is.

Or how about “The Eye of Doom”. It’s pretty strange to think of giant eyes wondering around consuming people and yet it is totally something that I could dream any night of the week. And I might even wonder if it were real if it weren’t for the phallic shaped rockets or the funny old football helmets. They're a dead giveaway.

Not only does Wolverton have a way with incredible artwork but his stories are some of the most trippy and way out stuff out there. I just wish that he was more prolific because I could eat this stuff up all day long! You can keep your zombies and sparkly vampires! Give me the floating eyeballs and brain-bats any day!

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