Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pop Gun War by Farel Dalrymple

Alan Moore once likened artists to magicians that create new worlds from the aether of the space of their minds. If this is true of any artist it’s true of Farel DeShongh Dalrymple. In his work he creates fantastic new worlds that resemble the real world but seem to function on a physics all their own. You might describe his work as surrealism or magic realism as it’s grounded in realism though he takes off from it. He’s got a beautiful style of rendering which has been called “raw and delicate at the same time”.
I love how Farel uses mixed media in his comics like this etching. It's beautiful and adds a whole different look to the book.
And for each chapter header he adds paintings photographed so that the texture of the paint shows up. He's a great artist that loves to play with imagery and techniques that makes his work fresh and inspiring. Here is an excerpt of the 3rd part of chapter 5.
His surreal inventiveness and symbolism as well as his breathtaking imagery make Farel Dalrymple's work super exciting and inspiring. 

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