Monday, November 11, 2013

Fletcher Hanks' Stardust the Super Wizard vs. De Structo

If you've seen Fletcher Hanks' proto-psychedelic Stardust the Super Wizard I don't need to tell you how trippy he is but if you've never seen him, your in for a treat. Hanks has a way with taking the Golden Age superhero genre and capturing the essence of dreams with it.

Like in a dream Stardust himself is barely there. He has no real personality or character. He is rather just a hollow entity to enact a role or a vehicle to achieve certain effects, in this case to punish the wicked. Though Stardust the Super Wizard does it with such glee one wonders if he really wants to punish them or is rather satisfying various perverse desire of his own. Though the way he punishes the wicked is more akin to something that I’ve dreamed than something that I would consider to bring justice to or punish someone. How painful could it be to have your head enlarged, or your body shrunk? On the other hand who would ever think of enlarging someone’s head and sticking it on the headless body of some demon? Who has that kind of imagination, or inventiveness? Fetcher Hanks, that’s who!

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