Friday, March 28, 2014

Mechan-X by Jaime Hernandez

Though thoroughly grounded in real life now, Jaime Hernandez' Locas stories weren't always so earthy as they are now.

Jaime Hernandez started out his Locas stories starring the impetuous Hopie and the faithful Maggie, with sci-fi trappings. Though these Latino girls were punkers, Maggie somehow managed to become a prosolar mechanic in her time away from the punk life. Prosolar mechanics were a breed of mechanic that was on the same social ladder as movie stars, or rock stars and were often featured in the tabloids. Maggie must be some sort of protege to have learned enough at the age of 18 to be able to work along side the famous heart throb, Rand Race.
Maggie and Hopie have since grown away from this sci-fi world into a more realistic earthy world.

 It's fun to see these early strips of Jaime's in comparison to what he is doing today. In some ways they feel their age and youthfulness and yet in others, these early works are more fun and lively. Jaime's ability to write certainly isn't in question, and though cluttered, his art is pretty great as well.

This strip is another in a series of comics on robots in comics that started with Tom Strong and "The Rule of Robo Saveen". Here we see Maggie repairing them in a yard of scrap robots. They look like the servant type of robot that does menial jobs and doesn't have it's own self awareness. I think it's really cool to see all of the vast varieties of robots that exist and plan on continue this tour of comic book robots. Stay tuned.

You can check out more of Jaime's work on his Twitter feed and Los Hernandez Tumbler.

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