Monday, March 10, 2014

Tom Strong in "the Rule of Robo Saveen!" by Alan Moore and Jerry Ordway

Being my favorite writer I enjoy occasionally revisiting the work of Alan Moore. Today's tale is one of giant robot monsters.
Check out Tom Strong in "The Rule of Robo-Saveen!"
Giant monster robots has been a thing since the late 60's with movies like Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

or the early 70's Mazinger Z.

And then they really got big with the late 70's Shogun Warriors

And the big 80's cartoon hit, the Transformers.

So it's no surprise that Alan Moore, who is famous for reinterpreting pop cultural phenomenon, used this motif for a Tom Strong short that was originally presented in America's Best Comics anthology, Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #3, June 2002.

Jerry Ordway does his usual fantastic job catching all of the loving detail of the situation and I love how Moore does his usual awesome job of providing a cool twist by transforming/transitioning from a perilous robot monster tale to busy movie set.

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