Friday, June 13, 2014

Dr. Fate by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman

The early years of the Golden Age were wondrous years. Many really innovative things came out of that time. After the huge success of Action Comics #1 DC Comics was turning all of their titles into superhero titles. More Fun Comics was no exception. The mystical Doctor Fate would join the phantasmal Spectre making More Fun Comics the supernatural title of their line.

The thing that makes Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman's Doctor Fate so compelling is the air of mystery and the fantastic that they create around him and his helper Inza; The fantastic mystery of the flaming balls that come out of nowhere to kill; The horror of the giant bats and walking dead that attack them; And the fantastic, inventive way that Gardner Fox creates to dispose of the evil scientist. This is classic stuff that never goes out of fashion.
Gardner Fox since went on to legendary fame in comics with his years of work with first his Justice Society of America and later his Justice League of America work.

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