Monday, July 14, 2014

Gary Panter's Jimbo

What do you get when you combine Jack Kirby, with Pablo Picasso?  You get Gary Panter's Jimbo. It’s one part Kamandi and one part Guernica. Jimbo is a fun adventure story as well as a statement on art and esthetics of our time.

Jimbo is from RAW Magazine #8: "The Graphic Aspirin for War Fever"  (September 1986)

Jimbo is a young punk who finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world of rotting ghost horses running down the street of demolished cities. In an odd way his work reflects our own world and media with it’s grotesque news stories of war and oil spills and man-made disasters. Gary Panter’s work reflects this in a fascinating, grotesquely beautiful way. It's abrasive, shocking, senseless and yet totally compelling.

Panter's use of the medium here is really fun in the way he superimposes a picture of Jimbo in ochre over the black and white ink drawing.

Gary Panter has carved out a unique and interesting niche for himself in the comics and art world. He has created Emmy Award winning sets for Pee Wee’s Playhouse as well as been featured in such prestigious magazines as RAW Magazine.

Panter was among the artists honored in the exhibition "Masters of American Comics" at the Jewish Museum in New York City.

You can see more Gary Panter on garypanter.com

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