Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Liberatore's Batman

"Once you confront the unpleasant reality, I'm sure the nightmares will cease."
"Then they'll never end... because I can't remember!"
'In Dreams'

From Batman Black and White vol. 1 #3 (Aug 1996)
by Andrew Helfer and Gaetano (Tanino) Liberatore

Liberatore is an amazing Italian illustrator who came into prominence with his Ranxerox which was first serialized in Heavy Metal Magazine in the early 80's.

 He is famous for the subtle effects that he creates using art markers and mixed media...

and his nymphets.

In 1996 DC Comics asked Liberatore to contribute to there Batman Black and White, an anthology which was full of the best comic artists of their time including many European and alternative artists who rarely if ever did superhero work.
Check out Liberatore and Andrew Helfer's contribution, "In Dreams"

I got lucky and found some of Liberatore's pencils for Batman "In Dreams" online. I'll put some pages on for those who find the process of creating art as fascinating as I do.

If you enjoy Liberatore's work you can check out his website - taninoliberatore.com

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