Friday, February 20, 2015

Charles Burns' Marriage Made In Hell from RAW Magazine #6,

Charles Burns has gotten a lot of attention in recent years for his Black Hole and his Xed Out trilogy but before he did these great works he was twisting pop culture on it's head with works like...

Charles Burns' A Marriage Made in Hell first appeared in Spiegelman and Mouly's RAW Magazine #6 (1984), the magazine that redefined what comic were and could be. In it he takes the sterile 1950's style of romance comics and twists it into an amazing journey into a kind of funhouse of horror or tour of Hell. As we read, we are greeted by certain familiar motifs that we have seen before but he then twists them into a crazy and wild mutant hybrid, something that we might only see in our most crazy nightmares. Burns work is deliciously demented and twisted.

Charles Burns work is so twisted that it is refreshing and inspired. Fantagraphics has rereleased this comic along with a lot of his other early work in their Burns library which includes Skin Deep (2001), Big Baby (2000) and El Borba (1999).

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  1. Hey its really good yaar...

    Actually its Hypocrisy all through d way..
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