Monday, March 23, 2015

Matt Kindt's Black Widow

Independent comics creator Matt Kindt who has lately had a big hit with his Mind MGMT did a cool piece for Marvel MAX' Strange Tales, Black Widow story.

Matt first made a name for himself with his critically acclaimed graphic novel, Pistolwhip, a noir-ish detective drama. Matt would go on to write espionage stories with his Super Spy. This naturally led Kindt to writing a Black Widow story for Marvel's Strange Tales when they asked him to do a story for the anthology.
"I specifically requested Black Widow because of the spy aspect and I liked that she was this normal human in a super hero world. She’s a little more grounded and a little more remarkable because of that."
Here is the story originally presented in Marvel Max's Strange Tales, Oct 2009.

Matt's acclaim and popularity has only grown in the recent times, and I don't expect his fame to diminish any time soon.

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