Friday, March 27, 2015

Gilbert Hernandez' "Space Case"

Gilbert Hernandez's 
Heartbreak Soup 
is one rich stew that you will not soon forget!

In a world filled with superhero comics Gilbert Hernandez' Heartbreak Soup is special. It has the audacity to depict simple people dealing with everyday issues, issues that we all feel at some point and can relate to; issues about peoples insecurities, past traumas, world injustices and even feelings of being very small and insignificant as in the case with this Heartbreak Soup, Space Case, which comes from Ten Years of Love and Rockets, Sep. 1992.

It's only natural that Guadalupe is learning about the wonders of science at such a young age. She takes after her dad Heraclio who is an academic, teaching at a local school though not many people know that they are related, including poor Heraclio himself.

In Heartbreak Soup, Gilbert has mined the world of the heart and laid it bare for us to experience and enjoy from the comfort of our easy chairs. He has achieved superstardom in the world of alternative comics pioneering melodramatic and thought provoking stories such as this. I'll probably post more in a couple of months so stay tuned.

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