Monday, January 6, 2014

José Muñoz' Batman

Argentina born 
José Muñoz 
creates stunning kaleidoscopes 
breathlessly walking the line between abstract an realism.

In case you haven't read my previous post on José Muñoz, I'm a huge fan of his work.

His dynamic compositions and really strong and detailed backgrounds shows off his strong grasp of the fundamentals of art. He knows how to make a picture.

Though his strong technical grasp of picture making doesn't hamper the incredible looseness and freedom of his expressionistic work. Often Jose will depict faces in a distorted way reminiscent of Greek drama masks.

In addition to his abstraction, he's got a wonderful quality to his ink lines. There is a visceral and almost nervous feeling to them that gives one the impression that he hacks at the page and drags his pen nib across the page.

And the whole time he maintains an incredible attention to detail with his rich backgrounds, architecture, and neon signs.

His chiaroscuro style is absolutely perfect for the moody film noir-ish stories that he often draws and is perfect for DC's anthology Batman Black and White. If you've never seen José Muñoz, you've got to check him out!

Archie Goodwin's jazz infused story perfectly matches with Jose's stunning chiaroscuro art. As you read the story your other senses are evoked. One can almost here the smooth jazz and one almost feels the acrid smoke in your nostrils. It's a stunning job executed by two masters of the medium!

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