Monday, January 6, 2014

José Muñoz' Batman

In case you haven't read my previous post on Argentinian artist José Muñoz, I'm a huge fan of his.

First of all he is an accomplished artist who has a strong grasp of the fundamentals of art with his great compositions and really strong and detailed backgrounds. He knows how to make a picture.
Despite his strong technical skill there is an incredible looseness and freedom to his expressionistic work. Often his faces distort into Greek drama masks.

I also love the quality of line that he uses. It's like he is hacking at the page with his pen nib.
And the whole time he maintains an incredible attention to detail with his rich backgrounds, architecture, and neon signs.
He also has a beautiful moody film noir-ish high contrast to his art that is perfect for DC anthology Batman Black and White.If you've never seen José Muñoz, you've got to check him out!
Archie Goodwin did a good thing by making this story one about a jazz musician seeing as how that is a subject that is well suited to José Muñoz' art though it would be nice to have more Batman in this Batman story. But that's such a minor complaint for such a great piece.

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