Monday, January 27, 2014

Jamie Hernandez' LOCAS

Jamie Hernandez has created one of the best depictions of punk rock in comics or perhaps any media. From the very start Jaime Hernandez had a well filled out world with well filled out characters. He must have know people like this in order to have gotten them so realistic. He captures the enthusiasm for life in his characters like no other. He also has a wide range of characters from his two main characters, Hopie, the wild one, to Maggie, the sweet one, to Izzy, the goth/witch. And Terry, the wanna-be punk rock star and jealous lover. Everyone has their favorite Locas. Mine is Hopie, the little spitfire.

Even in this early work Jamie is very mature. The characterizations are second to none. There are some inconsistencies in the drawings but very few. His characters look very well developed. His figures are great. He works harder at the backgrounds here than he does in his later work. The one thing that is weak in this early work is his lettering. The second page is pretty text heavy and the lettering is not really easy to read. But all in all this is an amazing work for a very young artist.

You can check out more of Jaime's work on his Twitter feed and Los Hernandez Tumbler.


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