Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rafael Grampa's Wolverine!

Brazilian Rafael Grampa burst onto the American comics scene with Dark Horse's publication of Grampa's 'Mesmo Delivery'. Exciting by his work, Marvel and DC comics hired him to work on different projects for them like a story for the 250th anniversary issue of Hellblazer and the artsy Batman Black and White.

 Grampa has an amazing innovative style. Not only does he have an amazing fluid and expressive line, he has an incredible inventive mind, interpreting old Marvel characters in new and interesting ways.

In Strange Tales II's "Dear Logan", he sums up the whole of the Wolverine mythos in 8 dynamic pages while adding a whole new take on the character with the area of mutants with healing factors, fighting like professional wrestlers with swords and chainsaws.
 This is comics at their best! I can't wait for more of work from Grampa!.

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