Friday, May 23, 2014

Dekko! from Scott McCloud's Zot!

Before Scott McCloud became the comics guru with his classic Understanding Comics, a study of the medium of sequential art, he worked on a comic called Zot! It was a take off of the super hero genre though with a flavor only Scott McCloud could give it.

To continue with our robot theme I'm sharing an excerpt from Zot! #3 and #4 about a colorful cyborg called Dekko.

Scott McCloud is a huge fan of experimenting with the comic book medium and all the crazy design work in these pages are no accident. In the back pages of Zot! McCloud would write up on his influences like Osamu Tezuka and display a picture gallery of Dekko's work. In these pages it's really fun to watch reality distort around Dekko and study all of the design elements like the triangles turning to arrows, enact his psychological state. These are totally fun pages, especially when you think of all of the creativity and invention Scott brought to them.

Another interesting fact about Dekko is that he was based on the architect William Van Alen's Chrystler Building. In particular, a costume he wore to the Beaux-Arts Architects Ball in 1931.

this comic was actually featured in an art deco exhibit when it came and displayed on the top of the Crystlar building itself.

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