Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jaime Hernandez' Rocky and Fumble

Childhood friends and teen angst and longing are shown beautifully in Jaime Hernandez early Rocky and Fumble episode.

Rocky and Fumble came out while Jaime was still doing sci-fi comics in the early days of Love and Rockets.


Jaime's art is in full flower in this early strip from Love and Rockets #9, Nov. 1984. Though only black and white, it feels fully realized because of his skill with balancing the blacks and whites. He often employs a very dramatic chiaroscuro style, showing just the highlights silhouetted on a black background to great effect.
His characterization is really wonderful here, with the great dialog and interactions between Rocky and Fumble. He turns a simple scene like Fumble waking Rocky up into a great drama. "Then why didn't you let me twenty four more hours? Forty eight hours? Why did you wake me just now?" It's such a joy to read their beautiful interactions and beautifully expresses an age of confusion, doubts, longings and wonders.
You can check out more of Jaime's work on his Twitter feed and Los Hernandez Tumbler.


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